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Special needs at FLL

Travelers with Disabilities

Great attention has been devoted to designing and constructing airport facilities to ensure secure, convenient, and easily accessible spaces for travelers with disabilities. This commitment extends to parking garages, terminals, and the Rental Car Center.

Parking and terminal access

FLL airport introduces a cutting-edge amenity in all parking facilities specifically designed for passengers with upper body mobility limitations. The ADA Parking Access Feature enables patrons to enter parking lots without the need to pull a ticket. Vehicle information is captured through a speakerphone and remote camera system, with parking charges calculated upon exit.

Garage facilities feature:

  • Ramps and level entrances, curb cuts, elevators and automatic doors.
  • Elevator control panels, featuring Braille, adhere to modified height standards.
  • Disabled parking spaces and High-top van parking.
  • Accessible terminal shuttle buses with boarding areas next to disabled parking spaces.

FLL airport offers complimentary parking to visitors whose vehicles exhibit a Florida Toll Exemption permit or contain specialized equipment intended for use by individuals with disabilities, including foot or hand controls, lifts, ramps, or "DAV" or "DV" license plates on disabled American veterans' vehicles.

Upon verification by the Aviation Department, drivers of these vehicles can exit the garage without paying parking fees when using a cashier lane. Simply inform the cashier of your eligibility for courtesy parking before the transaction is finalized.

For further information about courtesy parking, check the Florida Statute 316.1964 

Disabled passengers FLL airport


Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport provides complimentary access to Aira, a free mobile app designed for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Guests at the airport who have visual challenges can utilize this service to enhance their independence and create a more accessible airport experience.


Restrooms accessible for wheelchair users are situated throughout the terminals and Rental Car Center (RCC). Additionally, Family Restrooms can be found in specific areas within Terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as the Rental Car Center.


All elevators across the airport are equipped with Braille signage and raised numbers for accessibility.

Visual Paging

Passengers with hearing impairments can utilize visual paging options displayed on the flight information screens on both the upper and lower levels of each terminal. To have a message displayed, contact the Communications Center at 954-359-1201.

ADA Coordination/Grievance

If you require wheelchair service or similar assistance for passengers with disabilities, please contact your airline. The airlines must make these arrangements. In case you are aware of an accessibility concern or complaint call 954-357-6500.

Minors traveling alone

In certain situations, individuals who are not ticketed may accompany unaccompanied minor children or passengers requiring special assistance to the departure gate. Escorts are required to obtain a gate pass to accompany a ticketed passenger to the gate.

The issuance of gate passes is entirely at the discretion of the airlines. Travelers can make a request for a gate pass when making their airline reservation over the phone or at the ticket counter on the day of travel. The airline will collect information about the intended non-ticketed escort, including their name and date of birth.

On the day of travel, both the traveler and the non-ticketed escort must check in at the airline's ticket counter, where the gate pass will be issued. The escort must present a valid government photo ID to receive the gate pass.

It's important to note that a gate pass is valid only for the specified segment of the journey. If the traveler requires a non-ticketed escort at the destination gate upon returning to FLL, a separate gate pass must be requested for that leg of the trip.